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For the love of coffee...

We are specialising in seasonal, unique coffee, roasted to the
highest standards by the world’s most experienced roasters.
We source our coffee from all around the world so your coffee
experience can be an exceptional one.

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Espresso 2 oz    RM7.90

Double shot

Long Black 8 oz  RM8.90

Ice Long Black  RM9.90

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Latte, Cappuccino, Flat White
5 oz RM7.90
8 oz RM10.90


Piccolo Latte 3.5 oz     RM7.90

Single Shot 

Ice Latte 8 oz      RM11.90


Mocha 8 oz     RM12.90


Ice Mocha     RM13.90


Frothed Soy Milk     RM10.90


Coconut Ice-cream Affogato     RM15.90


Valrhona Chocolate Icre-cream Affogato     RM15.90


+Espresso Shot     RM3.90


+Soy Milk     RM2


+Almond Milk     RM2


When milk exceeds 65º-70º degrees it rapidly begins to break down and as it approaches boiling point, the milk not only loses its texture but begins to sour, which in turn sours the flavour of your coffee. Therefor we steam our milk at about 60º-65º degrees. If you prefer your coffee extra hot, please inform our friendly service crew.
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250 grams RM45

500 grams RM89

1 kilogram RM145



250 grams RM49

500 grams RM94

1 kilogram RM155

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Red Espresso     RM7.90

(Double Shot Rooibos Tea Espresso – Caffein Free)

Red Latte     RM11.90

(Served with a Dash of Cinnamon – Caffein Free)

Red Espresso is 100% Pure Rooibos Tea.
No Sugar, No Additives. No Preservatives,
No Artificial Colours.
+Honey RM2

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Brew York City     RM13.90

Cold Brew, Honey, Lime Juice, Egg White, Mint.
Dehydrated Grapefruit

Code Brew Tonic     RM14.90

Grape Fruit, Juice, Osmanthus Honey,
Tonic Water, LimeJuice, Cold Brew, Thyme

Oh My Chia     RM13.90

Chia Seeds, Almond Milk, Maple Syrup, Espresso

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Filter     RM12.90 / 19.90

Please ask our baristas or service crew regarding the available beans on the filter bar.Our Backroom Coffee selections are seasonal & available at the peak of quality and freshness for a limited time.

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Coffee Tasting Platter     RM14.90

Single Shot Espresso, 5 oz Flat White, Tonic Water,
Lime Juice, Cold Brew, Thyme


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Rat Race     RM8.90

English Breakfast

The Butler     RM8.90

Earl Grey Tea

The Hipster     RM8.90

Raspberry & Mint Herbal Tea

The Romantic     RM8.90

Earl Grey Tea



The Master     RM8.90

Mao Feng Green Tea

The Nurse     RM8.90

Lemon & Honey Rooibos Tea

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Vintage Lemonade     RM11.90


Botanic Ice Lemon Tea     RM11.90

Cold Press Watermelon      RM12.90


Cold Press Orange Juice     RM12.90

Hawaii de Coco (Mocktail)     RM12.90

Lemon Juice, Pineapple Juice, Orange Juice
Coconut Concentrate

Yellow Buzzer     RM12.90

Pineapple, Ginger, Apple Cider & Honey
(serves in sugar rimmed glass)

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Tiramisu      RM14.90

(contains rum)

Crumble Cheese     RM13.90

Salted Caramel Dark Chocolate     RM13.90

Lemon Meringue     RM13.90

Salted Caramel Apple Cheese     RM13.90


Pavlova      RM13.90


Coconut Cream     RM13.90


Apple Pie     RM13.90


Valrhona Chocolate Ice-cream     RM13.90


Coconut Ice-cream     RM13.90


Burnt Cheesecake     RM13.90


+Add on ice-cream to any cake for RM6.90
– Valrhona Chocolate Ice-cream
– Coconut Ice-cream

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Single Origin Hot Chocolate     RM13.90

Creamy & Buttery

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Single Origin Hot or Cold Chocolate     RM13.90


Valrhona Ice Espresso Shaken


Cinnamon Amigo     RM13.90

Cold Brew Earl Grey, Chocolate & Soy Milk
with a dash of Cinnamon

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Stewart’s Root Beer     RM12.90


Sprite     RM7.90


Coca Cola Classic / Light     RM7.90


Aqua Panna     RM18.90


Sparkling Water     RM18.90


Still Water     RM18.90